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Beautiful Skin Starts On The Inside... So ClearPores 3-Step Acne Recovery System Starts There, Too!

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For all of you, who send us your before/after pictures to illustrate your success, we will make a selection of the best ones and award them with a FREE 1 Year ClearPores Supply! What are you waiting for? Make photos and earn this reward!
As soon as you acquire your supply ClearPores all you have to do is to make some nice pictures of you making an unprecedented progress and changes in your life. Make sure that you make the pictures before and after you start using our product. It is also worth mentioning that you are required to include the product itself on your picture.
Although, we require a head to toe picture and a close up picture of the affected area, we reserve the right to publish a picture of our choice.

Don’t forget to include your testimonial written by a hand when you decide to send us your before/after pictures to illustrate your progress and skin quality improvement. We will also need your full name and shipping address.
Please note that you are required to obtain a release form, which can be found on our website, in order to provide us with a proper legal authority to use your before/after pictures. This form will also cover all legal issues associated with the use of your hand written testimonials.
We expect your before/after pictures and testimonials. Send them to this address:

Leading Edge Health
c/o 129 Roweland Drive
Johnson City, TN
37601 United States of America

Now it’s the right moment to change your life!

We receive so many emails, letters, and phone calls from our satisfied and grateful customers on a daily basis. Our extremely efficient three-step skin treatment solution is the right thing for you.

We give you what you need the most: quick and reliable results with a perfect skin to improve your self-confidence. Start reading the letters of recommendation and start improving your life of new opportunities.

"ClearPores® has proven to me that my skin can be perfect!"

“I used to have blemish issues for so many years, but now they are solved! “My name is Max. I am 27 years old, but my skin resembled to the one of a fifteen-year-old teenager in the middle of puberty.

I got tired of inefficient products, which I acquired in drug stores, shops and supermarket. All of them completely dried up my skin. As a result, it became red, annoying and painful.

After some careful research on the Internet I have become aware about the ingredients included in these products and their associated side effects. I have found out about the ClearPores® and its remarkable benefits. I took the recommended 3 month supply, and after only 2 months all of my blemishes were gone, with no side effects whatsoever.

Nowadays, I am still using this product and my skin is perfect and healthy!”

- MAX (UK, DEC. 05)

"Finally, my skin looks nice and healthy! Thank you!"

I am much more satisfied now!

“As soon as I started using ClearPores®, I felt a difference! In only a couple of days my skin was clearer, smoother and healthier!

Now, I don’t have to worry about my self-confidence or getting in touch with other people. In addition, I don’t have to worry what will happen on my next date or job interview.

I am so happy with my new improved looks. I am so grateful that this solution is available. The great thing about it is its 100% natural character, including the elimination of any potential side effect. Finally, my skin looks nice and healthy! Thank you!”

(UK, 10. JAN. 06)

"The first results were obvious after only two weeks. Unbelievable!"

My name is Jennifer and I have been fighting with acne for twelve years. Acne attacked my back, chest and finally my face. I have tried Accutane, numerous antibiotics, and so many inefficient internal natural supplements with no results. I have also tried countless been creams recommended by the dermatologist and natural health stores.

The Accutane’s side effects were horrific. Not to mention potential damages to your liver. I had no lasting results from any of these solutions. My problems actually escalated to become ten times worse. In addition, I gave a try to microdrem abrasion, as well.

Unfortunately, I got serious bleedings and oozing as a result. Not only did it not work, but actually I ended up with a worse scarring than I started. As you might have expected, I was extremely upset because of what the acne did to my face and body. My boyfriend decided he was going to help me by investing some of his own time in research for the efficient acne solutions and treatments.

After so many late nights on the Internet he discovered ClearPores®. I thought that it would be a waste of money and time to try ClearPores®. However, he decided to give it a try and as a matter of fact I am still using it. The first results became obvious in no more than two weeks. I have cried many for so many times because of my appearance before. Now, I am acne free and my friends are telling how beautiful and healthy my skin is and ask me what is my secret.

ClearPores® has also improved out my skin tone and eliminated the dark spots. I now promote ClearPores® not for the financial reasons, but for the results it can deliver to all people. I have suffered severely because of my skin problems. Therefore, I have to share this supplement with everyone who has the similar problems. My friends and I are extremely satisfied with the results of ClearPores®.


"2 weeks of using ClearPores® that was all my skin really needed!"

“Before I discovered ClearPores®, I was not sure what exactly wrong with my skin. (I suffered from a rash on my face, especially the cheeks and chin). My skin issues began as a bunch of bubbles, which eventually lead to an annoying rash and dry flaky skin. I had no intention to visit a skin specialist in order to get a skin cream for my problems, because I knew that this was my body’s way of telling me that something was wrong on the inside.

As I finished with a 12 week detox period, I was extremely disappointed and this was the exact moment when I discovered ClearPores®. I chose ClearPores® primarily because of its natural ingredients and no side effects. At the same time, I also suffered from an allergy and found out that I had some current allergy issues, as well.

I was completely unaware about this. Within 2 weeks of using ClearPores® and avoiding all of my allergy foods, including some Naturopathic concoction consumption, my skin condition improved. I am still using ClearPores® as we speak and I am extremely satisfied with ClearPores®. I am also completely aware that it was necessary to conduct all the things mentioned, which contributed to my clear skin success.

I really feel that if any of my friends or family with skin problems is experiencing the similar troubles, I will be determined to recommend ClearPores® with no hesitation.”


"More self-confidence with my perfect skin!"

“I’ve tried ClearPores® because I believed it would give better results than other solutions. I have experienced significant improvements with my skin’s quality.

I definitely have more self-confidence with my skin. I feel much better about my looks. Thank you so much.”


"I don’t need to use make-up when I go out!"

“So far everything is working just fine. Some people just don’t understand that one of the most important reasons for breakouts is associated with the hormone issues.

I’ve been looking for something like a pill I could use. Eventually one day I said to myself, “Just give it a TRY”. Fifty-dollars is something you can certainly afford for your perfect skin. I simply adore the fact that all ingredients are 100% herbal. With less breakouts I can actually go out with almost no make-up at all. THANK YOU!!”


"Skin looks healthier, more even, and the annoying red spots are lighter now..."

“I have tried the ClearPores® because it was recommended as one of the very best solutions for acne problems. I’ve just started using the ClearPores (3 days).

Even in such an extremely short period of use, I’ve experienced results: My skin looks healthier, more even, and red spots are lighter now, with no new acne at all!”


"Better than any other thing we have ever tried!"

“Honestly, we have tried so many solutions for my child’s skin – we discovered ClearPores® on the Internet because I read that those specific herbs were extremely efficient for acne.

ClearPores® is better than any other thing we have ever tried.”


"ClearPores® works perfectly, I'm fully satisfied!"

” I’ve tried ClearPores® because I believed it would give better results than other solutions. I have experienced significant improvements with my skin’s quality. I definitely have more self-confidence with my skin.

I feel much better about my looks. Thank you so much.”


"Improved my skin as being promised!"

“The product is highly effective. I think that the package is very discrete and well protected.

I have discovered major improvements after trying this solution such as – improved my skin as being promised. “


"I'm so excited!"

“I am using ClearPores® for about a week, and I have already seen very good improvements to my skin.

There was a small issue with my order, but the support worked it out and I got my product in no time. I am so eager to see how it will work after 3 weeks. I’m so excited.”


"I am in love with the ClearPores® System!"

“I am in love with the ClearPores® System! I really mean it! I was truly impressed with the explanations on the website about the natural ingredients.

Customer service was very patient and helpful. My biggest problem was the major breakout area and after only one month there was nothing left at all for me to worry about.”


"Couldn’t be happier with the results!"

“The ClearPores® has been my choice since June. I just couldn’t be happier with the results.

I needed about two months to start seeing the first results. My skin condition is much better and I will definitely continue to fight acne with ClearPores®, for sure.”


"Fantastic improvements... "

“The ClearPores® has been my #1 choice for 2 months now. I’ve experienced some very impressive improvements with no side effects!”


"Never used a product as efficient as this one!"

“I have tried so many solutions, such as OTC & ProActive etc. but with no results.

Now, I have to say that my skin looks noticeably cleaner & less oily. I have never used a product as efficient as this one.”


"Polite and trustworthy!"

“The customer service was extremely polite and trustworthy.

I am using ClearPores® -Treatment 2 – Herbal Supplements. After two weeks the first results were obvious! “


"It's obviously getting better and less greasy!"

“I have been using ClearPores® for approximately two months.

I have noticed that my skin quality is obviously getting better and less greasy. So far it is all good. It really works for me.”


"I'm so excited!"

“I am impressed with a quick response from the customer service about my questions and doubts.

I bought this product for my daughter. After only 4 months I was able to notice some impressive improvements.”


"I can’t thank you enough!"

“My skin has transformed completely! I can’t thank you enough! “

“My skin loves ClearPores! I’ve experienced fabulous results after wasting my time with numerous similar products”


"Results come with a guarantee! "

“I have used the ClearPores® for 4 months.

The results come with a guarantee for this product!”


"There is a change!"

“There is a change with my skin quality.

It has been completely transformed in a positive way.”

TRACEY (UK, 15. FEB. 06)

"My skin is finally perfect!"

“My skin is finally perfect as I hoped for it to be.

It is completely clear and in a much better condition than ever! “

JAMES (UK, 19. MARCH 06)

"I am in love with this product!"

“I have already used solutions such as Proactiv and Retin-A. No results whatsoever.

I am in love with this product. I’ve been using it for only a week. Impressive.”


"The only solution that truly works for my skin!"

“I like this solution and the results it gives.

I have never used this product before, and I have to say it is the only one that truly works for my skin. Recommended!!! “


"I like how I look!"

About the Customer Service: “Excellent!

” About the Product: “Great! Efficient! I like how I look!”


"Outstanding improvements!"

“We’ve already tried so many different products – none of them really worked for us. We accepted the idea about a 100% natural product.

My daughter has achieved some outstanding improvements. We will continue to use this product, for sure. Thank you!”


"My skin looks smoother! No more irritation!"

“My face doesn’t show off when I am in the middle of my period, which is such a great thing.

My skin looks smoother! No more irritation!”


"My skin is clean and with no blemishes!"

“This product has eliminated the blemishes. In addition, it has prevented my major breakouts.

There are some red spots left from my last break out, but with the ClearPores I am making a progress better than ever.”


"Fantastic and reliable results!"

“Although, I have used this product for only 2 weeks, the results were fantastic and reliable. The redness has been almost eliminated. I would recommend this product to anyone.

Now, I feel more self-confident with my situation and I look forward to meeting new people.”

JOHN (UK, 27. MARCH 06)

"Improvements after only 2 weeks!"

“Yes it is true! I can see improvement after only 2 weeks.

On the other side, there are some red marks left, but they’re smooth! Thank you!”


"My skin looks perfectly healthy!"

“As a result of my research on the Internet, I’ve discovered the ClearPores as the highest rated product.

My skin looks perfectly healthy! WOW!! I’m 31 and my skin is absolutely flawless. Thank you very much!!!”


"My face has less spots and lighter color!"

“My skin condition got worse in the first 2 weeks of use.

Then I saw some improvements with less spots and lighter color thanks to ClearPores.”

GREIG (UK, 8. MAY 06)

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money back guaranteeWith ClearPores®, you CAN change your life. A 67-day guarantee for using the system is something that is understood.

There’s no better solution, which is recommended by the healthcare professionals AND supported by the real-life success stories.

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